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First, allow me to congratulate you on being only months away from a milestone that has been a lifetime in the making: your high school graduation! All the group project planning, formula cramming, essay writing (ugh, my head still hurts remembering those) and flashcard flipping will all culminate into one proud moment when your name is called at your graduation ceremony!

Now let me tell you why I am writing you this letter, you super-cool-senior-about-to-graduate-and-take-over-the-world person, you! It goes without saying you have worked your literal tail off (okay, not really literal, unless you actually have a tail???) to get to this point. Now is the time to make your high school journey exist forever in photographs. I am not talking about the ones with the same outfit and laser background (do they still make those?) that everyone else has in your school yearbook. I am talking about a personalized, fashion magazine-worthy (think Vogue cover) photoshoot that is as unique and awesome as you. I can't wait to hear from you.
                            Your biggest fan,
                                                   David Enrique

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